By Nina J P Evans

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Movie Theatres in South India

With a proud and overstated sense of colour, shape and decorative style  that could easily be taken from deco influences.  These Indian cinemas are distinctly modernist in style built from 1945-1980s and quite recently photographed in 2011-13 by Geramn duo Haubitz+Zoche, are set in urban landscapes. What is interesting is that they are dated, they are certainly not modern multiplexes. The photographs are set far back enough to show the area for car parking that appears quite small and oddly not a single car is parked at any of the venues. As a result the photographs of the cinemas look all the more authentic and magnificent, not as grand perhaps as our earlier deco picture houses, but they certainly stand apart.
Photos from The Guardian - In pictures
From current exhibiton at Nusser & Baumgart gallery

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