By Nina J P Evans

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Autumn morning

There’s something very cool and refreshing about pastel colours. Here’s an array of candy coloured art installations, photographic architectural details of everyday, paintings, Wedgwood’s colour pallet and some rather odd looking cats. Text captions are from Another Magazine from the Good Things in art and design archive, to aid further research. Sometimes the nostalgic allure of pastels complements the sweet melancholy of an autumn morning.

Bert Danckaert has an eye for fantastic palettes in every day buildings.
Heather Carson chose light as her medium and in her installations, inspired by Josef Albers.
Matti Braun’s dyed silk panels in pastels and gradients.
Late 1800s Wedgwood colour pallet.
Olivia Boudet’s canvases depict the simplest silhouettes of rooftops, chimneys, towers.
A heady concoction of toxins by Louise Zhang she has produced this array of pastel delights. 
Tim Walker captures the recent craze for dyeing your pet a pastel colour.

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