By Nina J P Evans

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Art in Film

This blog is about featured artwork in films its curator Martin Cole keeps the site fresh with the ability to connect with his audience and accept submissions online, I do hope it grows so much more. The artwork could be anything really from a sketch, photograph, sculpture, cartoon or tattoo. Sometimes these are from films where one of the characters is known as an artist, others are gallery scenes and homely spaces and everything in-between. Be sure to checkout The Art in Film site as I'm sure you’ll have your own personal journey, and may want to submit or a least keep your eyes peeled whilst viewing the nuances of film. It’s interesting seeing how aptly the art fits within the scenes and the unspoken messages that the art piece conveys about the character or film narrative. Finally, it’s hilarious seeing the film stills showing the character’s engagement with the art, its out of context in the way that there’s no moving picture or sound. But as they are—they made me smile.
All film stills referenced are mentioned on Art of Film online.

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