By Nina J P Evans

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nagi Noda’s Hair Hats

Nagi Noda was a creative visionary genius! These are her sculptural animal inspired hairpieces; shown in such a way as to provoke a delightful sense of shock and awe.

Forming a contrast to the hair hats the models are dressed very femininely in beautifully long flowing flouncy dresses. They pose with innate expressions that are similar to the animal’s temperament to emphasise the individual hair hats that they each adorn. Though not over played, creating a very striking composition as a whole.

The drama also plays out using colour psychology that ranges from pure whites and pastels colours to vivid yellows, purples and turquoise. The more vivid the colour and tonally the more wilder the hair styling and animal sculpture hair hat is. However, this is not always consistently true, as the lion hair hat model is wearing a white dress, and the brown bear hair hat model is in lemon. This mix up adds to the shocking unpredictably of the creations that are so perfectly sculptured out of real hair. This illustrates an interesting point in design… it teaches you to be formulaic, but also to know when to break out of the boundaries. I really like the visual dialogue between the group of models and the hair hairs they adorn, they are barley even noticing each other.

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