By Nina J P Evans

Monday, March 07, 2011

La Boca

These poster designs for the new Darren Aronofsky film are beautiful also they are rather clever in their use of typography. It would have been so easy producing a set of four posters each using the same two fonts. However, they don’t! Each has different fonts for headings and subheadings, though they are precisely exact in wording. This means that when looking at them as a group of images, expecting to see much of a sameness, you spot these subtle differences in the typography and re-evaluates the integrity of the set as a whole.

There’s a Russian avant-garde influence to the pieces that hold them together as a set of designs. Looking at the Soviet film posters in the silent era you can see the same thing happening typographically.

The designs are beautiful they show the elegance and structure of the films qualities. The compositions describe the theme with a disciplined and dynamic approach.

(top) Black Swan by Bemis Balkind | (x4) by London-based La Boca

Feature: Making the cut... Gavin Lucas. This feature is open to subscribers for a limited time only, thanks mainly to actor and Twitter darling Charlie Sheen, who, as evidenced in the Metro newspaper, has two of La Boca's posters on the wall of his LA pad: CR 

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