By Nina J P Evans

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Illustrations Appeal

These Japanese posters, magazine covers and advertisements dated from the late 1920s are very beautiful and stylish compositionally. With a limited use of colour and elements placed on the page in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. These are partially interesting, not just because of their vintage appeal, but also because they serve to remind us of the allure and of illustration. They could form a solution for the visual problem we are facing on the web, as they look fast and cost effective to produce. 

Some are laced with text and some form colleges with photographs superposed and displaced with semi transparent layers, others are coloured drawings with handcrafted letting. A great article by Khol Vihh: The sad story of illustration on the web (link) showcases the digital uses of poor stock imagery. This problem is basically caused by time and money. As a result in terms of imagination, whimsy, and political satire, these generic images often miss the hidden layers of meanings in the text. Also, the sameness doesn't serve to inspire or entertain and makes a reader more complacent. 

These posters serve and inspire I can grasp potential applications quite clearly; for example: political interests, fashion and beauty, aspirations and modernism. These posters prove just how effectively illustration creates its own distinction and that if used in conjunction with photography and text makes graphic media come alive.

Special thanks to Yvonne Moser and design northsouth for these links

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