By Nina J P Evans

Friday, April 19, 2013

50 Years of Space Exploration: Infographic

73 missions to the Moon—43 missions to Venus—40 missions to Mars. This is an infographic titled: 50 Years of Exploration. Commissioned by National Geographic Magazine and designed by 5W Infographics.

As you’d guess USSR and Nasa are heading as pioneers of the solar system, as well as India and China who are also on the map. The infographic clearly illustrates, just how much of deep space is still to be discovered and explored! As planets such as Jupiter and Neptune drift off much further from the earth, they poise must more of a challenge. What venture to of traveled around the edge of our sun!  As well as the amount of times that there have been missions to the moon!

The diagram achieves this amazing visual result that works by combining elements aesthetically with graphic flare and style, as an inforgraphic it is clearly readable. It’s very pleasing to the eye with colour coordinated curved lines that are controlled in such a way that they don’t spiral out of control and result in confusion. Also, factually there are segments of textual information that supports the visual information positioned into key areas. The dialogues impressively upbeat attitude quotes: “The New Horizons mission to Pluto is under way, as is the Messenger mission to Mercury. Others not yet launched, perhaps not yet dreamed, await.” Sound very Sci-Fi, rather than academic.

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