By Nina J P Evans

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Made With Love

Olympia Le-Tan is a true artisan. She enjoys making these beautifully crafted clutches, based from tracings of the original book cover designs. They are about twenty percent bigger than the original cover versions. The artwork is made using silk threads and a colourful mix of felts as a fill colour. The slight enlargement makes crafting the typographic elements a little more easy to produce; she perfects the art of hand embroidery with silk threads. Aided by a trusty assistant to help her keep up with this ever-growing enterprise, as pieces are seen modelled by celebrities in magazines, more orders are placed. The inspirations for her pieces are based on the original iconic book covers, the works have a vintage feel to them, Dazed magazine sums them up as, placing the aesthetic of literature in fashion. There’s also a cookbook range. I think she’s made the right design choices, best suiting the hand crafted medium. It’s perhaps a little ironic comparing today’s things seen on a computer interface to the aesthetics of Olympia Le-Tan’s hand crafted pieces, they just seem so much more appealing! The reinterpretation, colours and texture makes these pieces come to life.

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