By Nina J P Evans

Saturday, January 16, 2010

How To See Japan 1933–-1937

Travel brochure: The Yamato Hotel – Mukden, 1933 Published by the South Manchuria Railway
The sprit and style of Art Deco 1910–1939 can be seen illustrated by these brochures. The front covers of the information guides are wonderfully appealing. It’s hard to believe from the idealistic visions they inspire that 10 years later on the outskirts of the cities POW camps were set up during WWII.

I am coming at this from a design perspective. I think it’s easy to undermine the value of brochures, seeing as they are printed ephemera throw away things that are useful as a guide at the time. However, I think that they convey a unique style of beauty and optimism. They are about our journeys away from home and the inspirations from our travels.

Travel brochure: Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Japan, circa 1935: Frank Lloyd Wright
Travel brochure: Oriental Hotel – Kobe, Japan, circa 1933
Travel brochure: Yokohama hotel Hotel New Grand circa 1935
Travel brochure: Along Manchurian Railways, 1937
Travel brochure: Japan, 1935 Published by the Japanese Government Railways

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